Vincent Van Gogh - "Mineur" parmi les mineurs au Borinage

03 août 2019

2019/07/30 - Walter's birthday cake . le gâteau d'anniversaire de Walter

      Tuesday, 30 July 2019 50th birthday of Walter Michael DeForest   Walter Michael DeForest (NYC) celebrated his 50th birthday in the Borinage during his 79-day journey through Europe in Vincent’s steps. Here is the birthday cake made for him by Loubna Tallih (Mons).     You can find pictures of other creations by Loubna on her FB page. But, too bad !  There is nothing left.  We ate it all !!!!!

02 août 2019

When Vincent meets Vincent...

    Vincent meets Vincent in Mons !  Tuesday, 30 July 2019   It was on his 50th birthday that Walter Michael DeForest (New-York) paid a visit to the Van Gogh bust created by Britisch artist Anthony D. Padgett.  Anthony created the sculpture as part of his “One Year With Vincent”  project (2017).  It is part of a series of 7 similar busts Anthony offered to places Vincent Van Gogh used to live and work. The copy he offered to the Mons-Borinage former coal mining region is made of a coal effect... [Lire la suite]
31 juillet 2019

27-28 July 2019 : Vincent Van Gogh commemoration weekend in Mons and the Borinage

    Vincent Van Gogh commemoration weekend in Mons-Borinage at the occasion of the 129th anniversary of Vincent's death   Saturday, 27 July - "Marcasse by Candlelight" (Marcasse aux Chandelles) 129 lanters for Vincent at the Marcasse coal mine where Vincent descended in April 1879. Projection of the film "Loving Vincent" (2017) in the Evangelic church of Petit-Wasmes where Vincent was an evangelist in 1879.             Sunday, 28 July Guided walk in Vincent's steps in... [Lire la suite]
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31 juillet 2019

About / Présentation / Voorstelling

  Borigines Vincent Van Gogh au Borinage     Presentation / Even voorstellen...   GB - Welcome to my blog dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh in the Borinage.My name is Filip Depuydt, born in Ypres (Belgium) on March 12, 1966, and raised in the picturesque village of Kemmel at the foot of Mount Kemmel -   FR - Bienvenue sur mon blog dédié à Vincent Van Gogh dans le Borinage.Mon nom est Filip Depuydt, né à Ypres le 12 mars 1966 et élevé dans le village pittoresque de Kemmel au... [Lire la suite]
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31 juillet 2019

Borigines - 2019 merchandise

  Support us ? Vous voulez nous soutenir ?   T-shirt : upon request / sur demande / op verzoek   Detail T-shirt ldesign   Detail T-shirt : sleeve / manche / mouw         Borigines key hanger bottle opener & torch Borigines - porte-clefs, décapsuleur & lampe torche Borigines sleutelhanger, flessenopener & zaklamp 8€       Sunflower necker / bandeau tournesol / zonnebloem band 8€     Contact : ... [Lire la suite]
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26 juillet 2019

Van Gogh weekend in the Borinage - 27-28/07/2019 : Marcasse aux Chandelles - "Marcasse by Candlight" + "Van Gogh guided walk"

  Marcasse aux Chandelles - Marcasse b Candlelight   Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh - Hommage à Vincent Van Gogh   Saturday, July 27, 2019 - samedi 27 juillet 2019         In case of bad weather conditions the film projection will take place IN A PARTY TENT.  En cas de mauvaises conditions météo, la projection du fklm se fera SOUS  CHAPITEAU.    Programme   19:00 : Doors and bar open- Barbecue - "Boulettes de Wasmes" Start of guided "Van Gogh... [Lire la suite]

16 juillet 2019

Vincent Van Gogh au Borinage 2019 : Promenades guidées / Guided walks / Geleide wandelingen

  En route sur la trace de Vincent Van Gogh On the road in Vincent Van Gogh's steps  Op weg in het spoor van Vincent Van Gogh               2019   Vincent Van Gogh @ Petit-Wasmes (ouvert à tout public / open to all public / open voor alle publiek)         Sunday / dimanche / zondag 28/07/2019 (09:30 - 16:00); 12 km     Sunday / dimanche / zondag  13/10/2019   (09:30 - 13:00); 6 km   ... [Lire la suite]
11 juillet 2019

2019-07-05 & 10 : Guided walks with the little hikers of "Rando Kids Activity"

      Friday, July 5 and Wednesday, July 10, 2019 Two guided walks with the enthusiastic children of "Rando Kids Activity"   "Rando Kids Activity" is the initiative of Mr; Benoît Debay who organizes 5-dayks workshops for children during the school holidays.  The workshops combine hiking with cultural visites.  A nice opportunity for children to broaden their horizons while enjoying the fresh air !!   Friday, 5 July               ... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2019

New mural painting in Petit-Wasmes / Nouvelle peinture murale à Petit-Wasmes

  25/06/2019   Van Gogh mural at the Ecole Busiau in Petit-Wasmes / Peinture murale Van Gogh à l'école Busiau de Petit-Wasmes     Wednesday, June 25, 2019 was a very special day for the children of teh Ecole Busiau in Petit-Wasmes.  They recived the visit of Walter Michael DeForest (New-York) on his 79-day tour through Europe in search of Vincent Van Gogh. Walter was accompanied by Liz Cook, Lenny Haydn and Morganico from London.  Liz's car had been especially "Van Gogized" for the occasion by... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2019

Vente aux enchères du revolver avec lequel Van Gogh aurait voulu se suicider

    Vente aux enchères du revolver avec lequel Van Gogh aurait voulu se suicider             AFP 17 juin 2019     Le revolver de marque Lefaucheux que Vincent Van Gogh aurait utilisé pour mettre fin à ses jours le 27 juillet 1890 à Auvers-sur-Oise sera mis aux enchères mercredi à Paris à l'Hôtel Drouot.             Newsletter info         Recevez chaque matin... [Lire la suite]
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