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Welcome to the Van Gogh Gallery - the definitive reference for information about the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. As a post impressionist painter and one of the most famous artists of all time, Vincent
van Gogh has become an icon. From growing up in Holland and pursuing a life as a pastor, to moving to France and creating an incredible collection of artwork, this site takes an in-depth look at Van Gogh's life, his work and the impact he has had on our culture.


Here you will find Van Gogh drawings, watercolors, graphic works, letter sketches, and Van Gogh's paintings. Discussions and critiques on Van Gogh's Starry Night, Sunflowers, Irises, Poppies, The Bedroom, The Mulberry Tree, Blossoming Almond Tree and The Potato Eaters are just a few of the many pieces which are covered on this site. In the drawings and paintings page, Van Gogh's different images are compared. In addition, Van Gogh prints and posters are available for purchase. To search a list of his paintings by name, date, current location or museum, visit The Gallery section.



On this site you will also find Vincent van Gogh's biography, a timeline of his life, Van Gogh quotes, and much more. You can follow his journey in his steps from The Netherlands to Belgium and Paris to Arles seeing the homes and places Van Gogh knew - many of them unchanged today. You can also travel back to the time of Van Gogh through his words. Vincent van Gogh wrote over 800 letters in his lifetime to family and friends. The majority of these letters were to his brother Theo Van Gogh. In the Letters section, you will find a collection of Vincent van Gogh's letters.


Van Gogh had many influences on his life including his family and friends, other artists such as Edgar Degas, and his health. To see how each of these affected his life please visit the Important Figures, Artistic Influences and Health sections. For information about how Van Gogh's has impacted our society today view the Impact on Art, Cultural References, or News section.


If you are interested in adding more Van Gogh to your life, the Van Gogh Gallery has plenty to offer. Download Van Gogh images of some of his most famous paintings as wallpaper for your computer, shop for Van Gogh posters or prints, or check out some of the additional resources available including links to Van Gogh museums and shows. There are even lesson plans from multidiscipline areas for those interested in educating others about Van Gogh's art and life.


Van Gogh has influenced generations of young artists worldwide since his time. Today we can see his impact in painting, in poetry and in video. We are happy to display new examples of art that were influnenced by Van Gogh in our Van Gogh Community Art section.


Tragically, Van Gogh died not knowing the acclaim his art would receive. Today his legacy is immortal and he will be forever known as one of the greatest artists of the modern era. Through this website The Van Gogh Gallery aims to share his life and legacy with the world.



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