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Have you seen This Van Gogh Van?



Reported By Paul McRae

Matt Grace of Fall River Massachusetts wants your help.  He used to drive a van that he had painted with Van Gogh's Starry Night painted on both sides He "sold that van a long time ago and would love to know if it is still alive!" he said.

Photo by Matt Grace, used by permission

Photo by Matt Grace, used by permission

He was told recently by a friend that they had seen a "Van Gogh Van" around, but were not sure where.  They were also unsure if it was the same Van Gogh Van.

Matt says he "would LOVE to see if my old Van Gogh is still alive and kickin." So if any of you readers of Artcar Nation have seen this van please contact Matt

We have seen a few Van Gogh artcars in our time, but not this one.  There is a Van Gogh Van in Houston, the beautiful Vincent's Dream by Sam Jones. But we are not familiar with Matt's old van. 

Vincent's Dream by Sam Jones

Photo by Paul McRae, used by permission



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