Sunday, February 21, 2016



Visit to the Borinage of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce

in The Netherlands (JCC)



Marcasse - 2016-02-21 - visit Japanese Chamber of Commerce NL - P2211349

JCC at the Marcase coal mine





This visit in the steps of Vincent Van Gogh in the Borinage was an initiative of the artist, Mrs. Yoshiya Kay, also the author of a book about Vincent Van Gogh.


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Maison Van Gogh - Yoshiya Kay - 2016-02-201 - P2211353

Mrs. Yoshiya Kay at the Maison Van Gogh in Petit-Wasmes (Colfontaine)


President of JCC

Mr. Akira Sakukma

Managing Director

Mitsubishi Nederland B.V.



Deputy Chairman of JCC in charge of Culture and Communications

Mr. Takami Tsuchida


Nikon Europe B.V.

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Grand-Hornu - visit Japanese Chamber of Commerce NL - 2016-02-21 - P2211358

JCC in front of the Grand-Hornu - UNESCO World Heritage place

Tour Operator

JTB Netherlands

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