Van Gogh mural at the Ecole Busiau in Petit-Wasmes /

Peinture murale Van Gogh à l'école Busiau de Petit-Wasmes



Wednesday, June 25, 2019 was a very special day for the children of teh Ecole Busiau in Petit-Wasmes.  They recived the visit of Walter Michael DeForest (New-York) on his 79-day tour through Europe in search of Vincent Van Gogh.

Walter was accompanied by Liz Cook, Lenny Haydn and Morganico from London.  Liz's car had been especially "Van Gogized" for the occasion by street artist Morganico. 

While Walter was doing his Van Gogh show with the children in the classroom of Mrs. Martine Flasse, Morganico prepared a great surpise in the schoolyard...  Just see for yourself !



Le mercredi 25 juin 2019 était une journée très spéciale pour les enfants de l'Ecole Busiau.  Ce jour-là, les enfants avaient la visite de l'artiste Walter Michael DeForest  (New-York)  lors de son voyage de 79 jours à travers l'Europe à la recherche de Vincent Van Gogh.

Walter était accompagné par ses trois compagnons de route londoniens Liz Cook, Lenny Haydn et Morganico.  Le véhicule de Liz avait été spécialement Van Goghisé pour l'occasion par street artist Morganico.

Lorsque Walter présentait son spectacle inspiré sur la vie de Vincent Van Gogh avec les enfants dans la classe de Mme. Martine Flasse, Morganico préparait une incroyable surprise dans la cour de l'école...  Jugez vous-même !




Morganico finishing his masterpiece




Morganico with the children of the Ecole Busiau



4 heroes : Liz Cook, Walter Michael DeForest, Lenny Haydn and Morganico



Vincent and his Van Gogh Mobile



Vincent & Vincent



Everlasting souvenir at the Ecole Busiau




Learn more about Morganico / En savoir plus sur Morganico

Street Art






Many thanks to

Walter, Liz, Lenny and Mor

gan !!!

You are great !!!!!!!!






Saturday, 5 October 2019

Appication of protection coating


In order to protect Morgan Ico's mural painting from ball impacts  or other deterioration, we decided  to put a protection coating over the paint.   The coating gives the artwork a slightly shiny look.

The work was done by Benoît Debay on October 5th.



Benoît at work







Done !!


The artwork is now safe for eternity !!!

Many thanks to Benoît !!






Would you like to see the painting ?


Morgan Ico's mural painting in the schoolyard can be seen upon reservation.

+32-(0)487-68 58 59 - filip.depuydt@netc.eu.